Multiple Network per country

Our IoT SIM has access to multiple networks per country. This gives you the freedom in keeping the same service as you are expanding into different countries. No need to change any additional settings or monitoring system. It’s all possible via one SIM.

Pricing made for IoT

We made sure that the pricing for our services is simple and cost-effective. With our prepaid IoT service, you will only need to pay once for your connectivity, and you will then be set for the next 5-years. And if the data finishes, simply refill the SIM again.

Management Platform

Managed via a user-friendly platform with programmable API and multi-level affiliation programs with real-time monitoring, white-label branding, and full SIM management.

Secure Connectivity

Secure your data transmission with our OpenVPN tool. The OpenVPN client establishes a connection with our network to ensure you have a encrypted tunnel.

Flexible for You

To ensure that you have the most flexibility with our service. We give you the room to install the SIM whenever you want. The validity won't be triggered untill the first network connection. This way you can keep your SIMs on stock, and use them only when needed.

  • GPS tracking

    With wide coverage you can track your vehicle anywhere

  • Smart Metering

    Track and monitor all your energy consumption

  • Waste Management

    Ideal for small data transmissions and triggers

  • IoT Sensors

    Monitor your devices and keep them alive with our SIM

  • EV Charging

    Let all data go over the secure LTE lines

  • Health Care

    Secure connectivity for IoT health devices


Yes, any device that can use a SIM card, it will work.

See the coverage here: iot-coverage

The days start counting the moment the SIM makes a connection with the network.

You only pay once price for the covered countries.

You have two ways to refill. You can refill manually through your account page on the Droam website, or you can set up auto-refill, either way your data is added immediately in real-time. You will need to provide a credit card in your account page for auto-refill.

You do not need to activate your SIM card. Your SIM card are setup to be used right out of the box. In order to check your data balance, add data and setup auto-refill you will need to setup a Droam account which you can do at

You will be able to refill with the data bundle that you have chosen in the initial creation process anytime, in real time. This will be done automatically if the auto-refill option is turned ON.