DROAM Platform

The Power of Droam Platform

Increased Margins

Benefit from all future refills and unused data by owning the full lifecycle of your product.

Bring Your Own Carrier

Enjoy the best rates directly from carriers, no intermediaries, no one in between.

Real-time, Risk-Free Billing

Connect your bank account and collect payments from customers in real-time.

Pay Per Revenue

You pay only for the revenues you generate, we don't charge any monthly fees.

Brand Recognition

No need to resell products of others. Make sure your brand is widely recognized.

Fast To Market

It takes less than a day to launch your first product. Additional products are launched in hours.




Our partnership with Droam is creating thousands of happy customers in Europe who we now can offer perfect solutions for their smart devices, like WiFi routers, smartphones and M2M / IOT devices. We combined our portal with the great products and customer service of Droam and are now the leading data sim only provider in the Netherlands.

Wesley Kelder - CEO

We use Droam’s IoT solution for our event ticket scanners. The high reliability, combined with the extensive amount of features in the SIM management platform, were key in our decision to work with Droam.

Joost Aanen - CEO Eventix

I've had the pleasure of working with Droam for over a year now and I couldn't be happier. The pricing is extremely competitive yet the customer support is absolutely incredible - I've never received better support.

Luca Samson - GPSCartrackersclub


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Droam has an extensive portfolio of Tier-1 carriers and MVNO’s around the globe and can provide a first-hand introduction to the carrier that suits your needs the most.
1.You should expect benefiting from ongoing refills 12-36 months after your product is sold. Those usually gross an additional 100% to 300% of the retail cost.
2.You will benefit from unsold data – on average only 70% of a data bundle is consumed.
3.You will save time with automated calculation, billing, and invoicing of your customers. Altogether, you should expect 500% to 700% growth in sales only by switching from a third-party SIM to your own prepaid product.
On average, only 70% of a data bundle is actually consumed, leaving 30% to the seller to sell to other customers. For example, you buy 1MB for $0.01 (equal to 1GB for $10) and sell a bundle of 1GB for $15. Your profit per SIM will be $8 and not $5, as only 70% of the bundle is consumed, the cost to you is $7 as opposed to $10.
We only require the API login credentials from your carrier.
Yes, the DROAM RESTful API offers a simple, secure, and effective way to control your products.
Yes, the Droam platform supports integration and product making with multiple carriers simultaneously.


Founded in 2009, Droam is a leading provider of mobile connectivity solutions for cellular, broadband, and IoT devices. Utilizing our proprietary as-a-service software, our products connect private, M2M and enterprise customers to more than 500 networks in over 150 countries.   |    +31 (0) 85 06 456 85