• IOT & Mobile internet

    Over 500 data network providers in 150+ countries and destinations to offer a diverse portfolio of local & roaming connectivity

  • Connectivity management

    Bring-your-own-carriers, single-pane-of-glass software to optimize all your connectivity needs in one user-friendly environment

Local Unlimited

✔ Broadband 5G bundles

✔ High bandwidth for FWA

✔ Available with static IP, VPN

✔ Pooled & non-pooled options

✔ No throttle down of speed

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Pay-As-You-Go Roaming

✔ Multi-carrier coverage everywhere

✔ Prepaid or pay-as-you-go 

✔ Available with private APN, VPN

✔ NB-IoT and LTE-M 

✔ 2G/3G/LTE/5G speeds

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Connectivity management

✔ Diverse provider integration

✔ Cellular, fiber, satellite connectivity

✔ Holistic monitoring & management

✔ Versatile multi-tenant capability

✔ Multi-white-label ability with RESTful API

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  • Pay As You Grow

    pricing to empower your scaling

  • Try Before You Buy

    with our demo account and test SIMs

  • Multi-Continent Support

    by agents in the Netherlands, USA and Israel

  • Private Label Affiliation

    programs to start your carriers journey with

  • Partnerships with Tier-1 Carriers

    to provide you with the fastest speeds

  • Highest Security Levels

    guaranteed by GDPR & ISO27001 compliancy


Yes, you can subscribe to DROAM Management Platform without purchasing our SIMs. We offer a scalable “pay per active line” subscription model.
DROAM has agreements with Tier-1 operators around the world and offers multiple networks per country. Contact us for an extended coverage list or find the coverage on the product’s pages.
Yes, you can buy the SIM cards as a separate product. However all our SIM cards can be monitored and managed via the platform, for no additional cost.
If you have an agreement with one of the Tier-1 carriers that are already integrated, it will take you less than a day. Otherwise about two weeks.
Droam has an extensive portfolio of Tier-1 carriers and MVNO’s around the globe and can provide a first-hand introduction to the carrier that suits your needs the most.

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