Droam was founded in 2013 as one of the first mobile roaming solution providers. Since then, we have created multiple global connectivity solutions for mobile broadband, IoT, and M2M customers.   

Built on years of experience, we continue to develop solutions based on physical SIM, eSIM, and virtual SIM. Our focus lies on providing our customers the most reliable cellular connectivity as possible, by aggregating over 500 cellular networks around the globe into one, as-a-service software.

  • Billing & Management Platform

    Platform-as-a-Service solution for companies who would like to have, manage and monetize their own telecom products. Create & launch prepaid, postpaid and pooled plans in hours.

    It swiftly connects to your mobile carriers and payment service providers of your choice and works as an intermediary tool where you can effortlessly setup billable telecom offers.

    In addition, you can manage inventory and sales, supervise distributors, process payments, and monitor traffic in a simple, secure & fully automated way.

  • Customized Connectivity

    Temporary internet solutions for all – telecoms, ISPs, multinationals, mobile end users.

    Moving and need unlimited broadband data? Having a one-time event with thousands of participants? Landline cable damage leaves your customers without broadband? We have a solution for all.

    While addressing your needs, we take into account connectivity costs, coverage, latency, redundancy, frequency bands, LTE categories, load balancing/bonding functionality, monitoring needs, and other criteria.

  • Data SIMs & Hotspots

    A global connectivity solution for IoT, M2M, and broadband devices. Connect your devices to over 500 cellular networks in 150+ countries.

    Managed via a user-friendly platform with programmable API and multi-carrier integration. Runs on largest cellular networks in many countries. Prepaid, data pooling and pay-per-MB pricing models.

    Last but not least – delivery to your doorstep to over 60 countries and locations, with around-the-clock multilingual support. What else can you wish for?




Managing Director