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Our Cases

With years of multinational experience in the telecom industry, we have been constantly creating robust enterprise connectivity solutions tailored for mobile broadband, IoT, and M2M customers, empowering them to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape


Use Case: Retina B.V. (cruise ships IT company) was looking to reduce their mobile connectivity costs. They were supplying internet to cruise ships for the guests, crew, and machines. In total, it was about 100K devices using upwards of several TB a day. Plus, the connectivity signal was often not optimal.

How We Helped: By offering a mix of domestic and roaming SIMs, we reduced their costs and increased their connectivity performance. We also supplied the customer with hardware that was fitted with better antennas and modems. We brought this all together with a single-screen portal to manage it all.

Solar Energy

Use Case: Smit Elektrotechniek was looking for a solution that would best fit their customer's profile - a SIM with a low data bundle, long data validity, and additional revenue.

How We Helped: We created a custom bundle that was fitted for the solar panels' usage and offered them a 1-year validity so that they could charge the customer annually for a monitoring subscription.


Use Case: NRG Accounting needed a secure solution so that they could supply their EV charging stations with wireless connectivity without incurring high start-up costs typically associated with secure SIM subscription solutions.

How We Helped: We partnered with T-Mobile to create a prepaid SIM that we set up with a VPN tunnel to encrypt the data that was going over the data stream. And then using our software, we designed a bundle tho best fits their specific usage profile.

GPS navigation & Fleet Management

Use Case: One Fleet View was looking for a global connectivity solution for their GPS and Camera tracking products. They wanted to have one overview with all their products, and different types to sell to different customers.

How We Helped: With our software, we were able to offer them various bundles and product types, like both prepaid and postpaid options, and display these all in one environment. This allowed them to keep track of their SIMs and assign products to their customers so that they knew what SIM was where. We also helped them design four custom products so that their go-to-market was an easier step and gave them the option to sell their products via marketplaces without needing to alter the connectivity afterward.

Homeland Security

Use Case: A defense company was searching for a solution involving reliable connectivity ensuring absolute non-traceability, as well as enhanced operational security and anonymity.

How We Helped: Our solution involved a disposable SIM card that remains untraceable, switches providers with each use, and operates without a phone line number. This ensured maximum security and anonymity for the defense company's operations, allowing them to discard the SIM card after each use without concern for traceability or ongoing connectivity issues.


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