Offshore Satellite Internet

Robust offshore satellite internet can greatly help vessels maintain effective ship-to-shore communication, improve operational efficiency, and streamline workflows. Whether in the remotest ocean expanses or facing unpredictable weather conditions, it ensures uninterrupted access to critical data, minimizing downtime and helping to swiftly address emergencies.

Ensuring high speed with low latency even in harsh environments, DROAM’s solution focuses on providing reliable offshore satellite internet with a flexible payment model through cutting-edge high-throughput satellite technology. Our solution guarantees sufficient data upload capacity, facilitating efficient communication and data exchange.

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  • Communication

    Seamless ship-to-shore communication including real-time collaboration, decision-making, and coordination of activities for better operational efficiency

  • Data Transfer

    Efficient transfer of sensor data, maintenance reports, and other critical information for informed decision-making and proactive maintenance strategies

  • Remote Control

    Remote monitoring and control of offshore equipment and systems, enhanced asset management, reduced downtime, and better operational performance

  • Emergency Response

    Rapid communication and coordination during accidents, medical emergencies, or natural disasters for prompt assistance and crisis management

  • Crew Welfare

    Enhanced welfare and morale of offshore personnel by enabling them to stay connected with their families and access a diverse range of entertainment

  • Business Operations

    Offshore internet connection for various business operations, including logistics, supply chain management, procurement, and financial transactions

  • DROAM offshore internet service primarily targets industries that require reliable connectivity in remote maritime areas.

    They are:

  • Fisheries: Our offshore internet services cater to commercial fishing operations and seafood processing facilities situated in offshore waters by enabling communication, tracking, and monitoring of fishing vessels, equipment, and stock levels;

  • Maritime Industry: It involves the transportation of goods, passengers, and resources via waterways. Our offshore internet services cater to vessel communication, navigation, and operational management needs within this sector. Read more about our customized maritime solutions;

  • Scientific Research: Our offshore internet services cater to scientific research vessels, exploration expeditions, and environmental monitoring projects conducted in offshore regions to provide connectivity for data collection, analysis, and collaboration among research teams;

  • Oil and Gas Sector: Our offshore internet services cater to offshore oil rigs, drilling platforms, production facilities, and support vessels by facilitating real-time monitoring of production processes, equipment status, and safety systems;

  • Emergency Search and Rescue: Our offshore internet services cater to emergency response teams, search and rescue operations, and disaster relief efforts conducted in offshore areas to enable communication, coordination, and deployment of resources during emergencies and crises.

  • WiFi Offshore

    WiFi offshore solution refers specifically to wireless connectivity in maritime environments, which enables people onboard to connect their devices to high-speed yacht WiFi, specifically for communication, entertainment, and basic online activities. WiFi offshore greatly contributes to comfort, productivity, and overall well-being while offshore

  • Offshore Broadband

    Offshore broadband solution includes both wired and wireless connectivity options, satellite internet and cellular networks, designed to deliver reliable high-speed internet access to offshore locations, enabling ship-to-shore communication, data-intensive tasks, remote monitoring, and other critical operations. It contributes to the overall safety, productivity, and effectiveness

Excellent Maritime Offshore Internet

Our solution offers marine broadband and WiFi offshore tailored for maritime environments by leveraging robust satellite technology to provide high-speed internet access at sea even in the remotest areas. This can greatly help industries such as commercial fishing, scientific research, or oil and gas sectors to enhance operational efficiency, real-time collaboration, data transfer, and remote monitoring.

Furthermore, an offshore internet provider, Starlink, offers Wi-Fi offshore, which enables ship-to-shore communication, entertainment, and basic online activities to enhance productivity and overall well-being while aboard.

Connectivity Management Platform

✔ Multi-carrier, cross-technology traffic management

✔ Real-time monitoring, management and diagnosis

✔ Full-scope CRM to manage & bill your users

✔ Multi-tenant & multi-whitelabel for reselling

✔ Webhooks, RESTful API and more

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  • "I've worked with DROAM since the beginning of the company and I've experienced the rapid growth first hand. This is mainly because of the great knowledge and problem solving expertise of the team. I'm happy to work with such a trustfull, transparent, and reliable team of experts. Many collaboration years to come!"

    Wesley Kelder, CEO of XIPO Connect

  • "DROAM is known for their expertise in delivering secure, reliable and scalable connectivity solutions. This aligns well with the growing demand for flexible and robust satellite internet near me. We are very happy to have a strong partnership with DROAM. The team has always helped us achieve our goals and we appreciate all the work that has been done to accomplish our common goals!"

    Aziz El Bouazzati,Senior Sales Executive at Frontier

  • "All around Europe, the Middle East, India, Singapore, US, and the service worked perfect (except for Amman in Jordan where there were some hickups).

    I used it constantly and the resulting cost for those three months was a fraction of what I would normally have to pay, while my T-Mobile roaming data bill remained at $0.00"

    Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon


Offshore internet speed can be affected by the huge distance to reach satellites and bad weather conditions that can disrupt signal transmission. However, by using advanced satellite systems with high-throughput capabilities and low-latency connections, as well as high-performance antennas and onboard equipment, you can diminish the impact on internet speed and ensure reliable connectivity. 
Starlink Maritime internet is adapted to satisfy the needs of a wide range of vessels, including but not limited to merchant vessels, oil rigs, cargo ships, cruise liners, fishing boats, and luxury yachts.
Mount the dish where it has an unobstructed view of the sky, connect the cables to the router/modem, power on the system, align the dish using the Starlink app, complete the setup process, and test it.
You can get unparalleled connectivity across the vast expanse of Earth's rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas with Starlink. Explore our coverage map here.
Starlink is designed to offer robust connectivity even in challenging weather conditions, but it's essential to keep in mind that extreme weather events such as heavy rain, snow, or storms may potentially cause some signal interruptions.
We offer unlimited satellite internet with unrestricted data usage, allowing you to browse, download, and upload content without worrying about hitting data caps or facing speed throttling.

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