local connectivity with unlimited data SIM

Unlimited Data SIM

✔ No throttle down

✔ 5G availability

✔ No traffic filtering

✔ Pooled and non-pooled 

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  • Rapid Deployment

    FWA eliminates the need for extensive and time-consuming cable installations, enabling service providers to reach customers faster

  • Cost-Effective

    Lower fixed wireless connectivity setup and maintenance costs compared to fiber optic installation over long distances


  • Enhanced Connectivity

    Higher 5G unlimited data speeds compared to traditional broadband, faster downloads, and improved overall online experiences

The Power of Fixed Wireless Access

FWA, fiber-grade broadband, utilizes 5G technology to provide business-grade 5G fixed wireless internet connectivity. It provides a reliable backup “over cellular” alternative to fiber connectivity, offering low latency and fast speeds with billing based on usage.

FWA over 5G addresses various potential outages, including those caused by natural disasters, power outages, or network failures, by providing rapidly deployed and scalable alternatives. These fixed wireless access solutions eliminates the need for physical cables and enables multi-carrier LTE connectivity, allowing seamless device operation across various telecom networks.

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  • Maritime applications

    Local, roaming, and satellite connectivity for seamless enterprise broadband access at sea, in a Single Pane of Glass

  • Broadband for remote workers

    Business-grade internet access through wireless technology to digital nomads, wherever they need it

  • Back-up connectivity

    Reliable backup “over cellular”, which minimizes downtime and disruption, billed only when utilized

  • Broadband for rural use

    Rural enterprise broadband solutions over multiple providers to areas that are not covered by a single cellular operator

  • Temporary internet

    Convenient solution for emergency internet to consumers. Fast deployment, popular with MNO’s

  • Homeland security

    FWA eliminates the need for physical cables, which can be vulnerable to sabotage and espionage

  • "I've worked with DROAM since the beginning of the company and I've experienced the rapid growth first hand. This is mainly because of the great knowledge and problem solving expertise of the team. I'm happy to work with such a trustfull, transparent, and reliable team of experts. Looking forward to many collaboration years to come!"

    Wesley Kelder, CEO of XIPO Connect

  • "DROAM is known for their expertise in delivering secure, reliable and scalable unlimited broadband deals. This aligns well with the growing demand for robust 5G Fixed Wireless Access solutions. We are very happy to have a strong partnership with DROAM. The team has always helped us achieve our goals and we appreciate all the work towards our common goals!"

    Aziz El Bouazzati, Senior Sales Executive at Frontier

  • "All around Europe, the Middle East, India, Singapore, US, and the service worked perfect (except for Amman in Jordan where there were some hickups).

    I used it constantly and the resulting cost for those three months was a fraction of what I would normally have to pay, while my T-Mobile roaming data bill remained at $0.00"

    Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon


We strive to get all our plans on 5G. Contact us for more information on what plans are available for 5G. 

We have contracts ranging from 1 month to 24 months.

These are managed via our SIM management platform. Regardless of the product you choose, it will be available in one central location.

Yes, you are able to resell our SIM cards. Please see our partner program for more information.

With certain operators, you can have pooled plans. Please contact us for more information.

A Static IP option is available with certain SIM card operators. Please contact us for more information.

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