Cross-Tech Marine Satellite Internet for Your Fleet

While traditional terrestrial networks fall short at sea, Starlink-powered satellite internet offers full coverage across oceanic expanses, reaching the remotest routes and overcoming the most challenging weather conditions. 

Our cutting-edge Satellite-to-Cellular solution combines the affordability of cellular with unmatched coverage and realibility of satellite, ensuring uninterrupted cost-effective ship-to-shore connection and fast high-volume data transfer owing to high bandwidth and reduced latency. All these facilitate real-time data exchange, streamline logistics, and enhance fleet management to meet the diverse needs of maritime industry.

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Starlink Maritime Connectivity Solution

✔ Full coverage across maritime expanses

✔ High bandwidth & reduced latency for fast high-volume data transfer

✔ Unlimited data usage with no data caps or speed throttling

✔ Seamless integration with cellular networks for nearshore connection

✔ Real-time monitoring, control, and diagnostics

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  • Commercial Shipping

    Efficient fleet management, optimized logistics and operations for cargo ships, tankers, containers, and other specialized vessels with Starlink satellite broadband access

  • Cruises and Yachts

    Enhanced experience aboard cruise ships, yachts, and other passenger vessels with Starlink maritime internet by ensuring access to entartainment and connection with loved ones ashore

  • Research Ships

    Improved ship-to-shore communication and sharing findings with colleagues for real-time data analysis and research management with Starlink satellite internet in remote areas

  • Off-Shore energy

    Real-time communication with onshore specialists and remote monitoring & management for oil and gas platforms, offshore wind farms, and other energy installations at sea

Optimal Onboard Experience with Marine WiFi

Our maritime solutions, powered by Starlink satellites, provide high-speed marine internet & WiFi with low latency and high bandwidth, allowing individuals onboard to enjoy a wide range of activities and feel at home while away at sea. Whether watching favorite shows or movies, communicating via social media or messaging apps, accessing entertainment content, or even conducting business-related activities, marine WiFi keeps everyone connected and entertained throughout a journey

  • WiFi for Yachts

    High-speed yacht internet solutions, powered by cutting-edge satellite technology, open a wide range of new possibilities for both passengers and crew, regardless of whether it's watching movies, downloading files, or video calling

  • WiFi for Cruise Ships

    Improve the cruise experience aboard your vessel with high-speed cruise ship WiFi by enhancing onboard entertainment and keeping every individual connected to the shore, catering to passengers' satisfaction and crew's morale

  • True Global Coverage

    Expand your internet access to areas where traditional terrestrial networks has no coverage

  • High Bandwidth

    High-bandwidth satellite-to-cellular ensures the efficient transfer of substantial data volumes

  • Reliability

    Maintain consistent marine satellite internet anywhere, even in the most challenging conditions

  • Back-up Connectivity

    Satellite backup ensures uninterrupted connectivity during unexpected ground-based outages

Coverage: Onshore & Offshore Marine Internet

Our maritime internet solution adopts a dual approach, utilizing both maritime satellites and terrestrial cellular to ensure comprehensive coverage onshore and offshore. Maritime satellites cover deep-sea routes, while terrestrial cellular networks extend connectivity to onshore areas.

By integrating these high-powered satellite-to-cellular systems, we guarantee global uninterrupted internet access for the maritime industry, eliminating coverage concerns and catering to both short-term business needs or far-sighted objectives. Contact us to get more details!

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  • Hybrid Custom Solution

    Local, roaming, satellite connectivity and hardware — all combined in one customized solution

  • Connectivity Management

    A Single Pane of Glass software to manage, intergrate, and optimize all your connectivity technologies

  • 24/7 Support & Assistance

    Constant support and immediate assistance throughout our connectivity services, whenever you require it

Connectivity Management Platform

✔ Multi-carrier, cross-technology traffic management

✔ Real-time monitoring, management and diagnosis

✔ Full-scope CRM to manage & bill your users

✔ Multi-tenant & multi-whitelabel for reselling

✔ Webhooks, RESTful API and more

  • "I've worked with DROAM since the beginning of the company and I've experienced the rapid growth first hand. This is mainly because of the great knowledge and problem solving expertise of the team. I'm happy to work with such a trustfull, transparent, and reliable team of experts. Many collaboration years to come!"

    Wesley Kelder, CEO of XIPO Connect

  • "DROAM is known for their expertise in providing secure, reliable and scalable marine internet options and systems. This aligns well with the growing demand for flexible and robust marine satellite internet near me. We are very happy to have a strong partnership with DROAM. The team has always helped us achieve our goals and we appreciate all the work that has been done to accomplish our common goals!"

    Aziz El Bouazzati,Senior Sales Executive at Frontier

  • "All around Europe, the Middle East, India, Singapore, US, and the service worked perfect (except for Amman in Jordan where there were some hickups).

    I used it constantly and the resulting cost for those three months was a fraction of what I would normally have to pay, while my T-Mobile roaming data bill remained at $0.00"

    Werner Vogels, CTO at Amazon


Starlink stands out as the fastest maritime internet provider, delivering high-speed, low-latency internet with up to 220 Mbps download speed while at sea. 
Yes, Starlink Maritime internet is adapted to satisfy needs of a wide range of vessels, including but not limited to merchant vessels, oil rigs, cargo ships, cruise liners, fishing boats, and luxury yachts.
Follow the instruction included in the kit. Mount the dish where it has an unobstructed view of the sky, connect the cables to the router/modem, power on the system, align the dish using the Starlink app, complete the setup process, and test it.
You can get unparalleled connectivity across the vast expanse of Earth's rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas with Starlink. Explore our coverage map here.
Starlink is designed to offer robust connectivity even in challenging weather conditions, but it's essential to keep in mind that extreme weather events such as heavy rain, snow, or storms may potentially cause some signal interruptions.
Maritime internet employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data is encrypted from sender to recipient. This encryption protects sensitive information against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

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