New Commercial Opportunities with FWA over 5G

New Commercial Opportunities with FWA over 5G

The world of telecommunications is undergoing a major transformation, with the rollout of public and private 5G networks at the forefront of this revolution. Yet, the regular mindset that this new technology is “just the same as 4G or 3G, but faster” should be abandoned. A paradigm shift is required here: "FWA over 5G is basically a fiber-grade broadband, anywhere and anytime". 

What is FWA?

Fixed Wireless Access is a broadband service that utilizes cellular connectivity to provide high-speed internet access to fixed locations, such as homes, businesses, and institutions. Traditionally, FWA has been offered through various wireless technologies like WiMAX and LTE. However, with the advent of 5G, FWA is taking a giant leap forward.

FWA over 5G leverages the ultra-fast and low-latency capabilities of 5G networks to deliver broadband internet access without the need for physical cables or fiber-optic connections. This technology uses a 5G signal transmitted from a nearby cell tower to connect to a receiver installed at the user's premises. This setup enables high-speed internet access with minimal installation and maintenance costs.

Commercial Opportunities Provided by Fixed Wireless Access over 5G

This new way of thinking opens a variety of commercial opportunities that have not been available before. In this article we will explore those opportunities as experienced by the group of DROAM companies - all first-hand, money-making deals.

1. Back-up connectivity for corporates: FWA can provide a reliable backup “over cellular” alternative to fiber connectivity, offering low latency and fast speeds; usually billed only when utilized (pay-as-you-go plans without monthly recurring commitment). It offers a no-use, no-pay, high-speed internet solution that can support various business operations, including video conferencing, cloud computing, and e-commerce. We provide this service using our project.
2. Temporary (emergency) internet for consumers: During natural disasters, construction works, power outages, or network failures, traditional wired connections may be compromised, leaving consumers without internet. FWA over 5G addresses this vulnerability by offering fastly deployed and scalable alternatives. The ease of installation and a pay-as-you-go payment model makes it an accessible solution for consumers seeking immediate connectivity in challenging situations. 
One of our projects, , has been offering such a solution to Dutch customers for years. Whatever happens, within 24 hours (at most) we can deliver a  solution using a FWA router over 5G to help you get connected wherever you are.
3. Secure broadband for homeland security: FWA over cellular eliminates the need for physical cables, which are vulnerable to sabotage and espionage. Additionally, multi-carrier connectivity will allow you to keep your devices connected over multiple telecoms, making it more complicated to trace over. 
4. Broadband for SOHO (the new generation of remote workers): FWA can provide business-grade internet access to digital nomads, wherever they are and whenever they need it. This flexibility enhances work-life balance and opens up new possibilities for remote work scenarios. Mobile, unlimited, and shareable - all that you need to provision a comfortable workplace whenever and wherever you need. 
5. Broadband for rural use: FWA can provide broadband connectivity over multiple providers to remote areas that are not covered by a single cellular operator. Whether it's tracking livestock, managing irrigation systems, or monitoring equipment in the field, real-time data collection and analysis are made possible, improving operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
6. Broadband for maritime applications: FWA can combine local, roaming, and satellite connectivity to provide seamless broadband access at sea. This combination enables the best quality for price alternatives. Check for more information.

Fixed Wireless Access over 5G is unlocking a world of new commercial opportunities, redefining the way we access the internet. By bridging the digital divide, enhancing connectivity for businesses, enabling MNOs to expand their services, and facilitating smart applications, FWA over 5G is set to become a new driving force in the wireless telecommunications industry. 

Telecom players very soon will have to decide which new commercial opportunities they want to utilize and how - directly or via partners. DROAM has the experience and the technology to be a reliable partner in this domain.