DROAM has an extensive portfolio of Tier-1 carriers and MVNO’s around the globe and can provide a first-hand introduction to the carrier that suits your needs the most. 

The DROAM Connectivity Management Platform is designed to offer you an extensive solution for managing various types of connectivity, and that includes fiber connectivity.

The DROAM Platform is designed to offer comprehensive connectivity management solutions, and this includes the ability to streamline billing processes. Using our Platform, you can generate invoices for your clients and have the flexibility to customize invoices, set billing cycles, and track payments. You can also consolidate billing information from your own integrated telecom providers, to identify cost-saving opportunities, and optimize your connectivity expenses.

We only require the API login credentials from your carrier.

Yes, the DROAM RESTful API offers a simple, secure, and effective way to control your products.

Yes, the DROAM platform supports integration and product making with multiple carriers simultaneously.

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