Droam has an extensive portfolio of Tier-1 carriers and MVNO’s around the globe and can provide a first-hand introduction to the carrier that suits your needs the most. 


1. You should expect benefiting from ongoing refills 12-36 months after your product is sold. Those usually gross an additional 100% to 300% of the retail cost.
2. You will benefit from unsold data – on average only 70% of a data bundle is consumed.
3.  You will save time with automated calculation, billing, and invoicing of your customers. Altogether, you should expect 500% to 700% growth in sales only by switching from a third-party prepaid SIM to your own prepaid product."

-500% to 700% in sales!?!?  This seems too good to be true at least based on what is written.  If this is true then this should be not buried in the FAQ but one of the test use cases as it is a huge selling point.

On average, only 70% of a data bundle is actually consumed, leaving you 30% to sell to other customers. For example, you buy 1MB for $0.01 (equal to 1GB for $10) and sell a bundle of 1GB for $15. Your profit per SIM will be $8 and not $5, as only 70% of the bundle is consumed, the cost to you is $7 as opposed to $10.

We only require the API login credentials from your carrier.

Yes, the DROAM RESTful API offers a simple, secure, and effective way to control your products.

Yes, the Droam platform supports integration and product making with multiple carriers simultaneously.

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