Offshore internet speed can be affected by the huge distance to reach satellites and bad weather conditions that can disrupt signal transmission. However, by using advanced satellite systems with high-throughput capabilities and low-latency connections, as well as high-performance antennas and onboard equipment, you can diminish the impact on internet speed and ensure reliable connectivity. 
Starlink Maritime internet is adapted to satisfy the needs of a wide range of vessels, including but not limited to merchant vessels, oil rigs, cargo ships, cruise liners, fishing boats, and luxury yachts.
Mount the dish where it has an unobstructed view of the sky, connect the cables to the router/modem, power on the system, align the dish using the Starlink app, complete the setup process, and test it.
You can get unparalleled connectivity across the vast expanse of Earth's rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas with Starlink. Explore our coverage map here.
Starlink is designed to offer robust connectivity even in challenging weather conditions, but it's essential to keep in mind that extreme weather events such as heavy rain, snow, or storms may potentially cause some signal interruptions.
We offer unlimited satellite internet with unrestricted data usage, allowing you to browse, download, and upload content without worrying about hitting data caps or facing speed throttling.

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