Starlink Internet on Cruise Ships

Starlink at sea has turned over the experience aboard cruise ships that we all are used to. Global low-latency satellite internet with high bandwidth and fast speeds greatly expands the range of opportunities onboard, whether it’s more efficient logistics, better customer service, or ship-to-shore communication with loved ones.

Our connectivity solution for cruise ships leverages Starlink satellite technology to deliver reliable internet connection across vast marine expanses. In addition, you can seamlessly switch between satellite and cellular when near the shore, as well as manage all your connectivity technologies in a single user-friendly interface.

  • Wide Coverage

    Starlink constellation of satellites delivers internet access from space to the most remote areas where terrestrial networks fall short

  • Launching Satellites

    Satellites are launched into space and positioned into the Low Earth Orbit to achieve much lower latency and faster speeds

  • Transferring the data

    LEO satellites in space act like a mediator by simultaneously sending data “to” as well as receiving data “from”

Does Starlink Work on All Cruise Ships?

Although Starlink internet is not available on all cruise ships yet, it has partnered with such global cruise lines as Carnival Corporation and Norwegian Cruise that have already begun integrating Starlink technology in order to enhance the onboard experience with faster and more reliable broadband via Starlink.

Meanwhile, due to Starlink’s lightning-fast low-latency internet connection, more and more cruise lines are willing to adopt cutting-edge Starlink technology, opening up peak efficiency and endless entertainment aboard their cruise ships.

  • Download Speeds of up to 220 MBPS

    Loading speeds refer to how fast data is transferred from the internet to your device. Starlink for cruise ships has download speeds of up to 220 Mbps thanks to its extensive network of LEO satellites

  • Upload Speeds of up to 25 MBPS

    Upload speeds refer to how fast data is transferred from your device to the internet. While Starlink upload speeds of up to 25 Mbps are not as fast as download speeds, they are still sufficient for most common tasks

Reliable Cruise Ship Internet

Starlink for cruise ships is well-known for its global marine coverage, low latency, high bandwidth, and fast speeds. Altogether, these features cannot but maximize onboard efficiency and elevate passangers’ experience on cruise ships many times. Who’d have thought that we could watch our favorite show or listen to fascinating music in the middle of the ocean?

Our complete connectivity solution for cruise ships provides everything you need to ensure a constant cruise ship internet anywhere onboard. Additionally, you can seamlessly switch between satellite and cellular when near the shore, as well as manage all your technologies through a single user-friendly interface.

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