Cellular Connectivity for Agriculture IoT

Cellular Connectivity for Agriculture IoT

How has IoT affected the development of farming?

As of today, most agricultural companies use IoT devices in various ways. Many of these applications use cellular connectivity to constantly monitor, manage and maintain various aspects of their operations. Let's explore how IoT data SIM cards may be used with agricultural smart devices.

Data Monitoring. You can access real-time data on weather conditions, soil moisture levels, or livestock health remotely, facilitating prompt decision-making and improving operational efficiency using cellular connectivity.


Remote Control and Automation. IoT SIM cards allow agricultural smart devices to be remotely controlled and configured. Farmers can adjust irrigation systems, change settings on weather stations, or deploy autonomous drones for crop monitoring, all from a centralized control panel.


Preventive Maintenance. IoT SIM cards enable smart devices to transmit real-time diagnostics and performance data, allowing agricultural companies to proactively address maintenance issues. Timely alerts regarding equipment malfunctions or irregularities enable efficient repairs, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted operations.


Usually, smart devices don’t consume much data, so imagine having a connectivity solution that would include data that is valid for many years. Droam aims to provide agricultural businesses with sustainable and reliable connectivity that also includes real-time data monitoring software to give you full access to your expenses and operations.