Yes, Starlink Internet is designed to offer robust connectivity even in challenging weather conditions.  
Yes, our solution is adapted to satisfy the needs of a wide range of vessels, including but not limited to merchant vessels, oil rigs, cargo ships, cruise liners, fishing boats, and luxury yachts.
Maritime Internet employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data is encrypted from sender to recipient. This encryption protects sensitive information against unauthorized access and cyber threats.
You can get reliable WiFi for cruise ships, known for uninterrupted low-latency internet access and fast data transfer, nevertheless whether from cabins or any onboard spot.
You can get unparalleled connectivity across the vast expanse of Earth's rivers, lakes, oceans, and seas with Starlink. Explore our coverage map here.
Of course, satellite internet works by transferring data between a ground station, a satellite in orbit, and a satellite dish on the yacht. This allows yachts to access the internet even when they are in remote areas where terrestrial internet is unavailable.

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