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Global IoT & M2M SIM

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Our Global IoT & M2M SIM coupled with the Droam platform is a powerful tool for any connectivity business. Whether just starting off or expanding and adding new sources of revenue, the Global IoT & M2M SIM can be used as a backup, prepaid, low or high volume product; especially powerful due to our no-use, no-pay model that helps to minimize costs and ensure profitability.


Benefits of our service

✔ No use - no pay. Always activated yet billed only for MBs used

✔ Global Connectivity with multiple carriers in most countries - for better redundancy (see coverage

✔ Starting €0.0055 per MB

✔ Managed IoT: real-time multi-level white label platform with personal interfaces for your end-users

✔ Resell as a fully branded SIM of your own to create additional revenue streams from affiliates & customers

Permanent roaming

✔ API access provides real-time controls for greater productivity, minimization of costs and opportunities to automate your business processes   

✔ Fully secured & GDPR compliant: your data is safe and secure with decreased chances of fraud and optimized with backups and redundancy features

✔No steering, you are always connected to the best network in the area

Multiple SIM types: standard plug-in (mini, micro & nano), high temperature, VQFN8 embedded SIM, eSIM


The Management Platform:

Managed via a user-friendly platform with programmable API and multi-level affiliation programs with real-time monitoring, white-label branding, and full SIM management.

Click here to view more details about our platform.


Use Cases

A few examples of what you can do with the Global IoT & M2M SIM:

Backup SIM - since you only pay for what you use, the Global IoT SIM is perfect to function as a backup SIM that only gets used and billed as needed

✔SIM to be sold with hardware - enhance hardware appeal by including the Global IoT SIM thereby securing an additional stream of revenue

✔SIM for travelers - the easy-to-use Droam platform allows you to create customized prepaid SIM cards to better fit market demand and increase profitability

✔High security disposable SIM - can be used in cyber and military grade applications as untraceable, one time secure SIM

✔Long-lasting IoT/travel SIM - since you do not pay if there is no usage you can offer customers SIM cards that can be used over a long period of time

✔Flat fee IoT SIM -  since we are not asking for any monthly recurring fees, the SIM can be resold as one-time fee prepaid solution. While the Platform allows quick creation and setup of the inclusive balance for that fee.


Supplementary Features

Available features to add value to your product:

✔Private APN

✔White listing



NB-IoT and LTE-M


SIM Sample Kit includes:

✔Prepaid SIM with 500MB covering 70+ countries, valid for 1 year

✔Micro + Standard SIM adapters

✔SIM Holder + Ejection tool

✔Portal Access

✔Refill Options


Refill Options:

Data Bundle Bundle Price
512MB €9.99
1GB €19.90
5GB €99.90
10GB €189.90
25GB €469.90



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