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Prepaid IoT World

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A global connectivity solution for high volume IoT, M2M, and broadband devices. Connect your devices to over 150 cellular networks in 70+ countries (see coverage).

Each SIM comes preloaded with 512 MB of data (valid for 1 year) and can be refilled in real-time as needed or via auto-refill to ensure unlimited access. Every refill resets the SIM validity with another 1 year.

The Unique Value Proposition:

✔ NB-IoT and LTE-M in 70+ countries

✔ No use - no pay; no minimum monthly costs

✔ Permanent roaming

✔ Multiple carriers in most countries

✔ White label reseller's portal & APN

✔ 2G/3G/LTE/5G speeds

✔ SMS, IPsec VPN, Whitelisting and more

The Prepaid World Data SIM:

This data-only SIM card comes with triple-cut adapters and is compatible with all unlocked devices including smartphones, iPads, tablets, Wi-Fi hotspots, dual sim phones, laptops, GPS trackers and more. 
Managed via a user-friendly platform with programmable API and multi-carrier integration. Runs on the largest cellular networks in most of the countries. Also available with postpaid, data pooling and pay-per-MB pricing models.

Refill Options:

Data Bundle Bundle Price
512MB €9.99
1GB €19.90
5GB €99.90
10GB €189.90
25GB €469.90

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