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Starlink Maritime Kit

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As a leading choice for high-performance satellite internet connectivity, Starlink provides global coverage at sea, ensuring efficient transfer of substantial data volumes and consistent internet access by being more resilient to challenging weather conditions.

The Starlink Maritime Flat High-Performance Kit is a package of all the necessary equipment for your vessel to connect to Starlink's satellite internet service and reap all the aforementioned benefits. 


The Starlink Maritime Flat High-Performance Kit provides global satellite connectivity with low latency and high bandwidth, delivering up to 220 Mbps download speeds for vessels. It leverages a compact package of equipment that demands minimal space and can be easily installed.

At the core of the kit is the flat Starlink antenna with a wide field of view and advanced GPS capabilities, having been designed specifically for seamless signal lock even in extreme maritime environments. It also includes mounting hardware, cables, and routing equipment. 


Benefits of the Starlink High-Performance Kit

Global Coverage Low Latency Fast Speeds High Bandwidth Easy Installation

The Starlink Flat High-Performance Kit can deliver a peak level of performance for maritime businesses by enhancing ship-to-shore communication, operational efficiency, and safety across vast oceanic expanses. The main benefits are:
Global coverage. Extent high-speed broadband internet to the areas where traditional networks have no coverage;

  • Low Latency. Low latency owing to low-earth orbit satellites greatly enhances real-time activities by minimizing delays;
  • Fast speeds. Enjoy download speeds up to 220 Mbps for efficient data transfers and real-time ship-to-shore communication;
  • High Bandwidth. Ensure efficient transfer of substantial data volumes while out at sea with higher bandwidth;
  • Easy Installation. The Starlink High-Performance Kit is designed in the way to simplify the installation and setup processes for maritime crews;
  • Seamless Integration. Easily integrate your existing onboard networks via Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

 Use Cases of Starlink Antenna

  • Commercial shipping. Efficient fleet management, optimized logistics and operations for cargo ships, tankers, containers, and other specialized vessels with Starlink antenna;
  • Cruise and yachts. Enhanced experience aboard cruise ships, yachts, and other passenger vessels by ensuring access to entertainment and connection with loved ones ashore;
  • Fishing. Improved ship-to-shore communication and remote monitoring of fishing vessels, equipment, and stock levels;
  • Research ships. Improved ship-to-shore communication and sharing findings with colleagues for real-time data analysis and research management with Starlink antenna;
  • Off-Shore Oil & Gas. Real-time communication with onshore specialists and remote monitoring & management for oil and gas platforms, offshore wind farms, and other energy installations at sea.

Starlink Maritime Antenna Kit

Starlink Maritime Antenna Kit is designed specifically for maritime use and delivers lightning-fast satellite internet with low latency and high bandwidth across vast marine expenses thanks to its large network of low-orbit satellites. Due to weather-resistant materials, the Starlink antenna can boast of its resilience to extreme weather conditions at sea, including harsh winds and heavy rain.
Efficient transfer of substantial data volumes, remote fleet monitoring & management, optimized logistics, and enhanced operational performance — the reasons why Starlink antenna is a leading choice for high-performance internet connectivity at sea.




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